Just When You Thought Homeownership Couldn’t Get Anymore Expensive….

Thank Goodness for the EPA!  Just when you thought homeownership couldn™t get any more expensive along comes another worthless regulation to burden the consumer and punish the small business owner.  


Smaller Contractors are next on the Federal Government’s hit list.

“To be in compliance by April 22 would mean that every contractor contemplating a job that would disturb more than six square feet of a home™s area (and this includes not just carpentry but plumbing, window installation, and heating and AC installation) would need to have completed a one-day course in the matter, necessitating taking a day off and spending about two hundred dollars. But since there are nowhere near enough certified teachers, therefore the vast majority of America™s contractors  could not possibly comply  by April 22 even if they wanted to.”

Wow, you can™t make this stuff up.


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